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This page tries to gather applications and libraries on top of PHPCR, as well as libraries that provide a PHPCR integration:

Applications and Libraries

Doctrine PHPCR-ODM

This variant of Doctrine provides an object-document mapper to store PHP objects in PHPCR. It provides built-in multilanguage support.

Symfony Content Management Framework (CMF)

The CMF is built on top of Symfony2. It uses PHPCR-ODM as its default persistence layer. It provides content editing, menu handling, a block system, media management and utility functions such as a publish workflow.

Sulu 2.0

Sulu is an extensible CMS built directly on top of PHPCR. It comes with its own editing concept inspired by the iOS finder.


Togu is a new generation CMF built on top of Symfony CMF which allows to easily create WYSIWYG websites. It uses PHPCR-ODM as its persistence layer.


Hint: This list is not exhaustive. Check if your tools support PHPCR / PHPCR-ODM. If they don’t, support is often simple to add, especially when Doctrine ORM is already supported.

Framework Support


The DoctrinePHPCRBundle integrates both PHPCR and PHPCR-ODM with the Symfony2 framework. It allows you to configure multiple sessions and can automatically detect documents for PHPCR-ODM in bundles.